Take part and  learn to row in traditional Thames skiffs

We welcome new members to the club and offer an introductory Learn to Row course of three sessions. These are usually at 9:30 am or 12:30 pm on Sundays and about an hour long each for a total of £30.00. You’ll be in a skiff with two experienced crew, one of whom will row with you to ensure the safety of the crew and boat; a second (who will also steer) will provide tuition, guidance and coaching. The three hours are enough to pick up the basics and familiarise yourself with the boats and the fun of being on the river.

Joining the Club
After your introductory course, we hope you will want to continue skiffing and become a member of the club. Members pay an annual subscription which provides access to all the  clubs facilities. You may skiff as often as you like with no further cost. 

Membership rates 2024
The membership subscription is the clubs primary source of income and is agreed each year by a general meeting of members for the following calendar year. If you join the club part way through the year your subscription will be pro rata and any Learn to Row course fees will be deducted in the first year.

When we skiff
New members are encouraged to join our 11:00 am Sunday morning session, where those attending are organised into crews for skiffing. ‘Beginners’ are matched with the more experienced and informal tuition can continue. This is also a safe arrangement, as it can take time to get used to handling the boats, become accustomed to the rules of navigation and to be aware of potential hazards once you are afloat.

Please also join in our Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions. These are popular with pre-arranged crews but there are frequently members who turn up ‘on spec’ from about 5:30 pm to make up crews as on a Sunday. It is also worth keeping an eye on our members only Facebook page – this is used in part as a bulletin board for members to make up crews from anyone who is looking to get on the river that evening.
New members who would like to make up a crew of only new members, or take out a single, should agree this with the club captain first.

For more information on our skiffs, when we go out and skiff racing please click here. Skiffing

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