Frequently asked questions about our Learn to Row course

Do I need to be fit to take part? Not particularly, but you do need to be able to step into and out of the boat below riverbank level. And you must be able to swim 50m in clothing (we won’t ask you to do this during the course). If you consider yourself unfit, skiffing is a good way to gradually get back into condition.
What should I wear? Any kind of sports kit and trainers or soft-soled shoes. Running kit or similar is usually suitable. You really can’t skiff in jeans and it’s best to avoid tops with pouch pockets – you tend to get your hands or oar handles stuck in them. Since someone once asked, although many of the photos on this website show people wearing shorts, you do not have to wear shorts.
What age are your members? The course is for adults only (18 or over) but there’s no upper age limit provided you are in good health. We have several members in their 70s who skiff regularly.
Will sessions be postponed if the weather is bad? Not if it’s just raining a bit, but they could be if river conditions make the river too fast-running for beginners to go out safely. If the Shepperton to Sunbury stretch  http://riverconditions.environment-agency.gov.uk/ is showing as being on Red, we will definitely not go out. If it’s Yellow,we will let you know.

Where does the course take place? At our Clubhouse, which is (by road) left off the bottom of Dudley Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 2JY; or via the river bank, about 200m downstream of The Anglers’ pub. Note, this is NOT Walton
Rowing Club which is at the end of Sunbury Lane.
How do I sign up? Just contact us using the form below.
Will the bar be open after the session? Oh yes!
I have a question you haven’t anticipated, how can I get an answer? Just  email  learn2row@tvsc.co.uk or use the form below. 

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